Remote Backup migrate everything but the Data Bases


1- I’m trying to migrate some a site from Cyberpanel 2.0.3 in Centos8 to Ubuntu 20.04 with Cyberpanel 2.1.1.
Unfortunately all data is migrated but the any DataBase is created.

  • What do you think it can be happening?

2- Also another site is giving me the next error when trying to migrate it:

[07.12.2021_04-14-49] Starting local backup for: ‘removed_info’.cl
[07.12.2021_04-14-51] Waiting for backup to complete…
[07.12.2021_04-15-00] Backup process killed. Error: 1358
[07.12.2021_04-15-00]Failed to generate local backup for: ‘removed_info’.cl. Error message: Backup process killed.
[07.12.2021_04-15-00] Backups are successfully generated and received on: ‘removed_info’

No errors on logs in origin Cyberpanel related to this process.

Thank you for your help.