reg resource usage data ( wrong output )

Thank you for releasing this feature to know the resource consumption of the user. But currently, it’s showing the wrong output and also not clear what is assigned and what is consumed.

Currently showing like -

Username, Websites Limit, Disk Usage, ACL Owner

It should be

Website limit/website consumed, Disk Allocated / Disk consumed. This is what required and help all.


Selected this order and he is the one who requested this feature, maybe he can shed some light here.

How dare you insult my work, w3services!!! :smiley:

@WPjohnny I need more improvement:-), your work will be g8t if the user gets it benefited.

Currently, it’s good, not great :slight_smile:

Take it positively and respect who wanted to make you perfect.

Hahaha, actually I agreed with you (big oversight on my part) and submitted some changes I think you’ll like more. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks

@usmannasir Is this committed in the new release?

Not yet.