reg notice you are on a blacklist


How to check who created an issue on the server and fix?

The server having many domains and we already restricted mail function completely and monitoring mail logs daily. Everything is normal but still web server listed in a blacklist.

Where to check and what to get this issue fix?

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pflogsumm is pretty amazing for parsing logs.

sudo apt install pflogsumm
pflogsumm -d today /var/log/mail.log

yum -y install postfix-perl-scripts
perl /usr/sbin/pflogsumm -d yesterday /var/log/maillog

Make sure server hostname A record resolves and that PTR/RDNs matches and that SPF is set up and valid.

I have a pretty sick tool which gives you links to check all these values for a domain.


Expand the diagnostics to see links for checking stuff. then pop in your domain and it will spit out relevant results for your domain.

+1 pflogsumm I have used that for years…I have it email me the days results just after midnight.

I have detected/headed off so many email issues over the years, I can’t even remember them all.

note: if you use rspamd…the centos version (using YUM) does not show detected spam, you need to download and install V1.1.5 which does.

@Redmound do you have a guide you recommend or advice on rspamd with Cyberpanel? was looking into that but have not gotten a chance to tinker with that yet.

Although I did read about rspamd here…I installed it by hand. The biggest “work around” for cyberpanel was to get a recursor dns component setup. With the recursor you can access more Rbl lists (using the vps IP and not the providers).

I am very happy with rspamd. I moved well established domains from my old server to this new cyberpanel based VPS. Even those well crafted spam messages that I thought would never be caught don’t get through now.

I review the mail logs constantly…there has been no false positive rejects and only a couple of false grey list rejects. The greylist threshold is about the only tweak I have made…