Redis vs. LSCACHE

I have 3-4 servers now running Cyberpanel all UBUNTU 20.04, everything is working (it took a long time, but i got rid of every issue) then one of my clients said “Hey, the redis isn’t working”.

Redis cache is installed, the server is working, but when i do
rediscli monitor = all i get is an “OK” message and it waits. This leads me to believe that there are no calls coming through the redis cache.

Redis cache comes up in phpinfo just fine, ping PONG tests all work. I just can’t get the plugin to connect to it.
(IT DOES NOT come up in php extensions) but again, as it comes up in phpinfo i believe it is working, it’s just cyberpanel that isn’t seeing it. (Inside cyberpanle i have ‘installed’ redis too).

I modified the redis.conf, even disabled hugepages just to see if that was causing a glitch but no luck.


Are you using correct host and port combination inside Redis Configurations on LSCache?