Redirecting a sub-domain to specific port?

Hi there,
I am migrating to Cyber from a WHC/CP system.

I would like my users to continue using in order to access their control panel. I gather that will mean redirecting requests for to

As that can’t be done at the DNS level, I assume it needs to occur at server level, perhaps through .htaccess, or through something along the line of what I’d do on Nginx in the virtual host conf file.

What would be the best way to achieve this on Cyberpanel / OpenLiteSpeed?

I see that in the OLS admin panel, I can specify rewrites for each Vhost. But that is disabled by CyberPanel. Yet I don’t see any equivalent option in the Cyber admin panel.

Ideally, I’d like to add the necessary rewrite instruction to each new site automatically, either using a vhost conf method, or .htaccess rewrite method. Is there a template that can be modified to add the necessary rules for either of these approaches?



I’ve figured out what I am wanting to do is achieved through setting up a Reverse Proxy, as described here: Setting up OpenLiteSpeed as a Reverse Proxy • OpenLiteSpeed

Is there way to modify some kind of template file (perhaps an .htaccess template) that is used in the generation of new websites on CyberP ?