Ram Usage does not drop below 64%

I have a concern every time I enter the panel I always see the ram Arriaba 64% of it does not go down it seems that it is mining it does not go down please help what is happening lately with cyberpanel I have one that has 500 daily visits and I don’t think it is that

Currently I have this plan the truth is something is wrong in vps

2 CPU cores


On ssh use htop command to see what uses most of ram.

@Carlos1995 Restart the server.

I rebooted it and now it’s worse

I still don’t understand why the ram is now above 80%? I suspended all the services, the web databases, and the same problem still continues and they don’t tell me anything here? Could it be that you are mining? as a user around here the same thing was happening to him

I have no solution to your problem brother. You need to contact @usmannasir.

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from image it looks like mysql is having multiple process and consuming more ram than usual .
can you tell, me how many database you have and what purpose you are using ?
also are you enabling remote connections for sql DB ?

I only have 3 in use


Where can I look at that: remote connections for sql DB ?

paste out put of following command
cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf | grep bind-address