Problems with email

  1. My rainloop was showing the message, can’t connect to the server.

  2. The dovecot service status was returning the error: Unknown setting: managesieve_max_line_length

  3. I reinstalled dovecot and returned to work, but I still can’t access the rainloop, now it shows the error, authentication failed.

  4. In cyberpanel, I did> E-mail, List E-mails> fix SSL and SSL> Mailserver SSL, restarted the server and still can’t access it.

  5. In Outlook, I can’t access it either.

  6. I have 5 servers with cyberpanel and I am being forced to give up using it due to the recurring problems with emails.

no help?
if i reinstall the cyberpanel over the current installation can it solve?
I did the update and it didn’t work.