Problem with multi websites/domains and DNS

I have been on Centos8stream with CWP7 for a long time. Now I installed Ubuntu 22.04 and Cyber Panel and are getting stuck. I need to have 3 websites on my server. Creating them is no problem. Getting the DNS to work is a headache. Now 24 hours later, no DNS Propagation.

Can someone please give detailed on how to make this DNS work?
The “user” manual is not really helping. When following that, the DNS did Propagate.

Seems like I found the solution myself after banging my head in the wall for a couple of days.
Ubuntu 22.04 with cyber panel is way different than Centos8stream with CWP7.

But I for sure miss Command Prompt.
Inconvenient having to use Putty for thing that easily could have been done using the control panel…

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