Problem width reboot litespeed

Good morning,

many of my sites on CyberPanel give a 404 error.
This has already happened in the past with another identical server, but obviously with a different ip.
The difference between the two servers lies in the fact that on the old one by going to server status → litespeed status I had the opportunity to click on the reboot litespeed button which allowed me to restart my sites and then to make them work again.
On the other hand, this opportunity does not exist on the new. Plus I saw an error message:
WARNING: You cannot revert back to OpenLiteSpeed if you choose not to purchase a LiteSpeed Enterprise license after the 15 day trial period. We recommend you test the Enterprise trial on a separate server.

What does it mean???
What should I do then ???

Let me know ASAP as it is quite urgent!
A thousand thanks

Now even my license key has been removed, without my doing anything.

Please help me

dont update the key on your production server if you are not willing to subscribe litespeed ent
the warning already give enough information

dont trial…
if you already did.
then you need deploy new VPS
then extract the backup to new cyberpanel + OLS

It mean you have litespeed ent on server that license is expired.

You should have an other server to move site there with open litespeed setup a server and move there