Problem after update to Cyberpanel 2.0.3

I just upgraded a server to cyberpanel 2.0.3. The upgrade script did not run smoothly. The mariadb service failed to start and more. We manually installed and retsarted the maridb service.

When I visit the cyberpanel UI on port: 8090 and try to login, I get these error message:

Could Not Login, Error message: (1054, “Unknown column
‘loginSystem_administrator.twoFA’ in ‘field list’”)

Screenshot: Awesome Screenshot

I cannot login to Cyberpanel now which is a big problem.

Any advice welcome.

Yes. I edited the upgrade script to remove the mariadb section then ran the upgrade. It completed successfully and seems to have solved the login problem.

@jwgoogle How did you edit the upgrade script to remove Mariadb. I am having same issue.

There is a section that starts with text:


Simply edit the script using a text editor and remove the entire section.

Can’t access my login page of cyberpanel (:8090) after updating to 2.0.3 and also not working your login button. i waste my 2 days in this problem. please check this bug cybepanel team.