Problem 502 and 503 error on cyberpanel openliteserver

Hello, im running cyberpanel with openlitespeed. At some point it seems as someone from my team enabled the enterprise trial. Now the license has expired and i followed this guide to go back to openlitespeed from litespeed enterprise. (Upgrading/Downgrading OpenLiteSpeed – OpenLiteSpeed).
The downgrade was a success and every functionality seemed to work as it did in the past.
After that, we upgraded to latest version and there is where we saw the problem. (probably related to php.) Cyberpanel, DNS, FTP and SMTP seem to be working as intended. The website section has a problem though. When we try to preview any of our hosted sites we get an 503 error and when we try to directly view the site from their respected FQDN we get a 502 error. Can anyone help? Thank you very much for your time

Update: Running sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN i can clearly see that 443 and 80 ports arent listening

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