Doesn't detect RockyLinux but does

Just as the title says. I am having a ton of issues across AlmaLinux, CloudLinux, Rocky Linux, Centos 8, no matter what repos you choose. Doesn’t matter if you modify the Lightspeed.repo because the script will replace it. This is starting to get ridiculous. Can we not admit here that this project has alot of issues?

All of the above mentioned OS’s also don’t install lsphp* via the Cyberpanel Scripts. This needs to be fixed

I think problem is that Rocky Linux is not officially supported OS.
Is there any reason you don’t want to use Ubuntu? I haven’t have too much issues with ubuntu, other than some functions not work… But all essential functions to run sites works fine.

See here:

I don’t want to run Ubuntu because you can’t convert to Cloudlinux
The best path is AlmaLinux > CloudLinux

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