Postfix using wrong cert

Hi, I don’t know where to categorized this post but I encountered an error.
I am trying to set up a smtp server so far it works fine but there is a slight problem.

Postfix seems to using a wrong cert for my mail server.
I already tried issuing a SSL (mail server ssl) for my and I also add a SSL for web but is seems like it is not working properly.

This is the error that comes up whenever I test the CERT.

Cert VALIDATION ERROR(S): self signed certificate
So email is encrypted but the recipient domain is not verified
Cert Hostname DOES NOT VERIFY ( !=
So email is encrypted but the host is not verified

My DNS are all good. The problem I have is that postfix/dovecot is using wrong TLS Cert and that is why my smtp server always says TLS mismatch.

I check the .pem files under /etc/postfix and /etc/dovecot and everthing is right.
Where does the postfix get those wrong cert.

The cert postfix read is “” SSL cert.

myhostname = - replaced?

if you do a letsencrypt certificate request and have used up your 5 duplicate requests (ie requested ssl certificate more that 5 times) the certificate created is created for Cyberpanel does not reflect the error generated by lets encrypt and tells you that certificate issue was successful. All you need to do is wait 7 days for the block at letsencrypt to clear and try again.

as kestertonm maybe you are running in the weekly limit, you can check if you add to the letsencrypt request --test --debug