Postfix killing/stopping itself after about one day/Rainloop "Can't connect to server"

The thing is where I live at, it is not really easy to cover VPS expenses and Hostinger was the cheapest one. And you know what? 1 Year plan was much cheaper than 1 month. Sooo, that’s not really possible for me at least for a year. :slight_smile:

true story, I helped someone with hostinger today, they were on their web hosting plan and couldn’t get a ssl certificate, always domain challenge failed, turns out you need to remove the ipv6 ( AAAA record ) from the default hostinger domain configuration to make it work, this is to their own web hosting server, no vps or anything. When hostinger support was asked why this is the default when it clearly doesn’t work, support replied “sometimes it works”.


I know Hostinger isn’t so good but didn’t think they were going to be that bad.

I couldn’t find or something like that.

Postfix doesn’t know why it’s being killed, systemd ( dmesg ) know.
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