PHP garbage collector lacking permission - [STDERR] PHP Notice: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_d

Thank you, looking forward to what you find. I’m still expirencing this error.

Sorry I didnt get time to check the same as was busy with family.
Will test soon.

Hi @mak , did you resolve the problem? I have the last version of Cybepanel and Ubuntu 20.04.4 and still getting the same problem.
This problem has been persistent at least from version 2.0.0 and in my case is generated when a plugin tries to access ps_files_cleanup_dir.

PHP Notice: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp74) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/ on line 82

Sadly not. I realized there wasn’t much benefits to using Cyberpanel in my scenario at least. I’m now using Nginx, this guide is very easy to follow How To Install Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack On CentOS 7 | DigitalOcean

Make sure you do sudo chown -R root:nginx /var/lib/php/session/ after completing the tutorial. I’ve been running this configuration for several months now and I’ve had no issues :+1:

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Thank you for your response Mak.
Hello @die2mrw007 , would you recommend us any other configuration to fix this? Shouldn’t this problem come resolved by default after Cyberpanel installation?

Thank you very much in advance!

It should, but it doesn’t seem it is. You could try another server OS perhaps. CentOS7 is quite solid. If it still has this issue on CentOS7, then you should likely use another software. Anything nginx related is better, nginx has the best resilience to DDoS attacks and high use.

Nginx is better is debatable and its all a personal choice afterall. I prefer Litespeed and Openlitespeed more than Nginx and Apache2 stack for its reliability, better performance, ease of use, full apache support which is widely used.

Nginx fails at large ecommerce sites. Nginx still doesn’t have support for HTTP3 QUIC protocol. Many useful features which otherwise are available in other web technology is behind paywall named Nginx Plus. A lot other negative aspects are there.

I am not saying Nginx is completely bad, but I will prefer it only if Litespeed/openlitespeed is not available for any reason my next immediate alternative choice would be Nginx itself.

Also, regarding this particular issue how can I reproduce the same in my test server? I will check it today.