PHP Extentions

can you please guide me to the list of necessary/recommended PHP extensions I need to install/enable?
And also I would like to know the best config for the Redis & Opcache setting for hosting with 16GB

Hello @kafnoon Happy you are here

To install PHP Extensions

  1. Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/managephp/installExtensions

  2. Select the PHP version you are using

  3. For WordPress/WHMCS/Drupal/Mautic say for php 7.3 install the following

  • lsphp73-curl
  • lsphp73-ioncube
  • lsphp73-mysql
  • lsphp73-redis
  • lsphp73-memcached

The versions would be different if you chose a different php

To install php extensions you do not see on that list:

To install ioncube loader for php 7.2 - 8.1

thank you for the prompt response,
Please have a look at my PHP 7.4 ext page, do I need all those extensions other than the ones you mentioned in your list?!


No buddy. Use what you need look at system requirements for the CMS or frameworks you use.

It is WordPress with LiteSpeed Cache. can you elaborate please!

Suggested modules for WordPress + LiteSpeed cache:

You can activate apcu for alternative cache plugins other than LSCACHE if they require

Install what you dont have from here PHP Extentions - #2 by josephgodwinke

Excellent. All Clear…
One more thing, Is this a good practice considering my server RAM is 16GB and I run a single website?

Single website that is perfect since memory limit is just a per script limit. This does not work like mysql where requests pile up to consume this limit i.e pool from that limit

Consider also increasing upload_max_filesize limit and post_max_size to allow uploading bigger files. Also increate max_execution time for bigger uploads the script will run for longer depending on your server bandwidth etc

Only if you need all these