PHP Extension Will Not Install

When I go to install the IonCube extension for PHP 8.1, I get the following error:

Last metadata expiration check: 2:11:40 ago on Tue Oct 24 12:50:43 2023.
No match for argument: lsphp81-ioncube.src

  • Maybe you meant: lsphp81-ioncube
    PHP Extension Installed.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @RayR

Kindly follow basic instructions How to ask for assistance?

No server os version!

You did not care to search the forum for possible already solved issue.

Is the operating system is AlmaLinux8.
It is not just ionCube that does not load, a number of extensions give the same error (see images).
The uninstalled extensions will not load and give the same error.
I have attached a screenshot of the error as well.

These will not install:

This is the error:

This is now a moot post. I switched to Plesk. I couldn’t stand reading the holier-than-thou responses from admins/mods to newbies. I believe you’ve got an inferior product that you are peddling off as premium. Charge for all the extra’s that we need to nickel and dime us to death. Nope, not me.