Php 5.6 memcache

I need to use memcache in php 5.6 version with Cyberpanel Openlitespeed. Memcached is installed. There is memcache extension for php 5.4, php 7.x but I couldn’t find it for php 5.6.

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Check this tutorial out and revert if you get any issues [TUTORIAL] How to install any PHP modules using PEAR Package Manager

@josephgodwinke thank you.
I am getting the following result.

[root@s5 bin]# /usr/local/lsws/lsphp56/bin/pecl search memcache
Retrieving data…0%
…Matched packages, channel

Package Stable/(Latest) Local
memcache 8.0 (stable) memcached extension
memcached 3.2.0 (stable) PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
mysqlnd_memcache 1.0.1 (stable) A PHP extension for transparently translating SQL into requests for the MySQL InnoDB Memcached Daemon Plugin
[root@s5 bin]# /usr/local/lsws/lsphp56/bin/pecl install memcached
pecl/memcached requires PHP (version >= 7.0.0), installed version is 5.6.40
pecl/memcached can optionally use PHP extension “igbinary” (version >= 2.0)
pecl/memcached can optionally use PHP extension “msgpack” (version >= 2.0)
No valid packages found
install failed
[root@s5 bin]# /usr/local/lsws/lsphp56/bin/pecl install memcache
pecl/memcache requires PHP (version >= 8.0.0), installed version is 5.6.40
No valid packages found
install failed

I have updated my tutorial. You need to install a specific version since memcache dropped support for PHP 5.x starting v8

Install this version PECL :: Package :: memcache 3.0.8 using my tutorial

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@josephgodwinke Thank you. Your problem has been solved.

Good news ! mark the solution as Php 5.6 memcache - #4 by josephgodwinke to help the community.

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