Password Validation Messed Up Badly - Backup Destination and Email Marketing (Both Affected)

The password input fields in both of the mentioned destinations are messed up, it does not validate and gives the error shown in the screenshot when a period/dot ’ . ’ is in a password, now this seems really awkward to have such restrictions in password fields. I’ve encountered the same error (as in the screenshot) in both places, to be precise:

  1. CyberPanel → Back up → Add/Delete Destination
  2. CyberPanel → Websites → List Websites → <> → Manage → Email Marketing → SMTP Hosts

Rectify it please…

Link to screenshot with error:

@usmannasir @CyberPanel

3 days and no replies, meaning the forum is dead, right?

@usmannasir ??? is this normal here?

Will check and revert.