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I cloned the repo and I can’t see the Init Repo button.

follow this guide and check the git repo attachment again

The issue is that committing, pushing, etc., works fine and then it suddenly stops working for no reason. And then suddenly it starts working again for no apparent reason days later.

I have found this on almost all my Cyber Panel installs.

The issue seems to survive reinstalls also.

Even attempted remeditations don’t work:

git config --global --replace-all safe.directory '*'


sudo su -
sudo chown -R subuser1234 /home/domain.com/public_html/.git
sudo su subuser1234
git config --global --add safe.directory /home/domain.com/public_html

These don’t seem to work.

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Same issue and the fixes don’t work for me too, seems to have happen after Imunify360 install, but I’m not sure

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