OpenliteSpeed CPU Restriction?

I have installed Cyberpanel OLS in a 4 core 8 GB server. OpenLitespeed is set to use 4 workers ( ) but it can use only 1 core at a time. Even under extreme load it uses only 1 core ( ). It can’t use all 4 cores simultaneously. Is OLS restricted to use only one core? Due to this restriction my 4 core server is working as good as a 1 core server only.

Openlitespeed version : 1.4.45
Cyberpanel 1.8.1

The listener needs to bind to multiple workers, you can do that from WebAdmin console.

Did the binding but still only one worker works

When I disable mod_security, all the workers can work simultaenously. What is the issue? I just enabled the default setting in mod_security.

OpenLiteSpeed devs are working on this issue, will update soon.