Not receiving email

I migrated from cPanel to Cyberpanel then I noticed that I can send out email but could not receive email on my domain email

What could be wrong?

  1. what is your domain name , maybe i can help you to check
  2. if cannot received email than it should be MX

but let finish step 1


you should add MX Record on your Cloudflare dashboard.

ok, but i’ve done that

ok my mistakes
your option proxy ON
can you screenshoot the CF DNS Record for your domain ?

the thing is I have my site on CyberPanel and mail sever on cPanel…

When i checked with some of my other sites on cPanel, the problem still the same.

I guess it from there…hosting with /Namecheap

i found this:

yeah because i made it so

then you should troubleshoot to your CPanel or Cloudflare

How can I?

i dont know

your problem are about email
your email at Cpanel
and your DNS Hosting are at cloudflare

there is no cyberpanel

OK, also i observed when i install CSF, i can’t access firewall directly again, it takes me to CSF config.

Is that norm?

depend on your configuration before you submit the option
it will better if you give this community the screenshoot
you need to allow some port if you modified the port

this is it before installing CSF

this is it after installing csf…it redirects to csf config

(after-csf — ImgBB)

is it normal?

try click on cyberpanel logo

@shoaibkk : can you forward this to mr. usman ? it’s only “missing” menu placement

it did nothing but redirected to home

after that you can see the menu again

it still gets back to what I’m saying the default firewall page isnt showing but redirecting to CSF Config


i never install CFS actually
if my server got hack then something was wrong with my ssh config/password and maybe cyberpanel
and if my server got ddos, then my VPS Company is bad :smiley:
i use VPS because …for me… i will no need care about ddoss etc :smiley:

@nick.chomey are you there ? can you help ?
cc: @shoaibkk @die2mrw007 @usmannasir