Normal Users cannot restore their own website from the backup they created?

I’m testing out CyberPanel’s backup and restore function.

It seems that normal users can perform backups but not restore.
Is that how it is supposed to work or is it a bug?

CyberPanel 1.8.7
Centos 7.6
MS Azure


Please update Cyberpanel to V 1.8.9 they have fixed some issue regarding backups which were reported earlier.

I also updated some documentation, so that people can better understand what they can and can’t do


I’ve updated to 1.8.9… still the same… a “NORMAL USER” can only do backups. No Restore options available.

Those docs only documents user access control list pertaining to creating websites.
No mention about backups and restores.

The Schedule Backup function is also a mystery. Can’t find any documents on it.
The only selections we have are for - destination and frequency.

What will be in the backup?
When will it actually run?


user ACL does not have the option to restore backups.

First reason, users can’t create sites, and restoring backup requires creating website. In multi-user environment, user can’t be deleting and restoring sites at their will. Users can not even delete websites, so restoring is not possible without first deleting the site, because it is a complete restore.

Upto you, you can create custom ACL and allow restore option in that ACL, and create users with that ACL.

Schedule Backups → 2 - Automatic Remote Backups - 07 - Backups - CyberPanel Community


Thanks for the response.

Ok… so users cannot create sites… that is fine.
But surely, users should be able to backup just their databases and whatever is under the public_html folder and restore them back.

The document on Schedule Backup you provided does not say what is backed up.

Is it backing up the entire CyberPanel as one backup?
Is it backing up each site in CyberPanel separately?

We can only select Destination and Frequency.
What time?
Which folder?
What database?

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Scheduled backups create backups of all sites you have created under CyberPanel, just like you create manual CyberPanel backup for single site.

Backup includes

  1. Databases.
  2. Emails.
  3. DNS Records.
  4. Child-domains.
  5. All the content under document root.