Nextcloud and webdav is not working with cyberpanel


I am new to litespeed and cyberpanel and hope that there’s someone that can help me with my problems. Right now i am using debian with ispconfig, but have plans to move to cyberpanel.

My problem is that i want to run nextcloud on cyberpanel, but i can’t get it working without problem. Nextcloud works well and the only thing that is not working is webdav. I am using webdav for backup Wordpress to nextcloud with a wp plugin called xcloner. When i try to backup wordpress to nextcloud the backup is done without problem, but the file that should be around 60 mb is 0 kb when it has been sent to nextcloud. I have also tested it with a smal database file, but the result is the same.

I can´t figure out where the problem is, if it has to do with litespeed or any missing php module. I have checked the documentation for nextcloud and all required php modules seems to be activated.

Are you running OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Ent?

I am running OpenLiteSpeed.

I would recommend you to set up NextCloud (as NextCloud is a complex application) on LiteSpeed Enterprise, it is free for one domain Installing CyberPanel - CyberPanel

If you still face the error we can then debug.

Thanks for your answer. I will test that.

Now i have tested this, but the problem is still the same.

I noticed that if i transfer the file with ftp instead of webdav then it is working. If i am using webdav the file is transferring but is still 0 kb. I can use ftp temporarily, but it’s good if there´s possible to find a solution on this. I found that there are two modules can´t be found in the extension under php and install extension. It´s imagick and curl.

Read more about required php modules for nextcloud from this link

We are going to deploy NextCloud for a corporation in the coming weeks, I will let you know if we run into any similar issues.

Any news regarding this?
Can we have more app installers?

Any news now? …3 years later?

Ok, managed to get nextcloud up and runing and building the needed .so librarie for face recognition.