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allright… people… community…

pass your experiences with this new released …

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The past few weeks I’ve been playing around with almost all CP aspects. Though I had to do several OS reinstalls, this probably had to do with my (yet still) incompetence on linux (but also I think there must have been some bugs in earlier releases).

Today after starting fresh (for last time hopefully :smiley:), I noticed everything did go much more as expected. SSL was automatically Let’s Encrypt instead of self-signed, starting a docker container now seems to show more options (like the port mapping which I missed before, this forced me to terminal use).

Today I configured a Ghost site (with reverse proxy), ARK Game Server, Homebridge and Nextcloud without ANY issues.

Only thing I think would be nice if the reverse proxy situation gets taken away from command line and integrated into the CP GUI.

I am sure I’ll continue to grow in my understanding of linux, webservers and CP itself so I can hopefully contribute to the project in the future.

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