New problem after upgrade 1.8.7

  • cannot log into email. (fix is to change email password via admin of cyberpanel)
  • cannot create backup it show 0mb in admin and not create in directory
  • cannot create new email (Cannot create email account. Error message: ‘passwordByPass’)
  • cannot install wordpress + lscache (Installation failed. Error message: ‘passwordByPass’)

it need to be fixed cause half ot the cyberpanel is useless atm.

Clear your browser cache.

i did, everything seem fixed but one thing.

when doing backup on the ftp it’s the good size but on the cyberpanel it do not show the size of the backup it mark 0

when trying to delete ftp account
Cannot delete account. Error message: You are not authorized to access this resource.

im not able to log in that specific ftp account that i just create

domain: plombier-laval24h
login: plombierl
password: vm5410el

every other im able too