Need help with sub-domain setup


I have a successful installation of Cyberpanel, have added my first domain.

I’m working on a client project where I am migrating an existing wordpress site over to Cyberpanel. I chose to spoof my computer’s DNS through the modification of the hosts file so I can set the new site up to match the live version.

I need to be able to show the client the new version and get approval before making it live. ( will be re-pointing the DNS to the new server once approved)

I have tried to edit the Vhost “domain name” in the general tab. I have it in this format … and the DNS is pointing to the server and propagated.

My issue … I’m getting a 404 when visiting with the footer tagged with “Proudly powered by Litespeed Webserver”

I’m sure it’s a vhost configuration that I am missing, or since I’m new to OLS and Cyberpanel, I’m not sure of the process to change the domain to allow the client to view the website without having to modify the hosts file.

If there’s a doc, or reference it would be much appreciated.

My next option will be to take my laptop to the client so they can view the site LOL

Thank you … Scott

I would like you to look at these two resources:

You can choose one of these options. Changing only vhost domain will not work since it is not mapped to any listener