Need help for Best practise

I want to use CyberPanel to developp a new website using wordpress.
This new website will be used to replace an actual online website.
My problem is to access on wordpress to personnalize because the domain used to create the website is the same than the actual hosted site.
Each time, I try to connect to the future website, I come back to the actual website online.
I want to keep the actual website online until the new one will be ready for go-launch.
Is it possible to create a website and modify the domain on the go-launch ?
What is the best practise ?
Thanks for your help !


You can use WordPress staging feature → WordPress Staging Feature - CyberPanel

Hello, I will do like that.
thanks for your help…

I made a staging environnement from website as proposed. After done, I can just get access at index.html page without wordpress environnement to login ?!
Is staging a complete clone of the initial website ?
If I try to connect on initial website from : https://myipserver:8090/preview/ ; I get wordpress login screen but the url come to Se connecter ‹ IMAGINE — WordPress url with page not found from my actual website.
I probably miss something…

I’d suggest editing your local hosts file so that you connect to a different IP than everyone else when you enter the domain name.

See here: How can I edit my local hosts file to redirect URLs | GridPane