Need a little help about DNS

Hi Cyberpanel community. I am a little lost about DNS and Cyberpanel websites.

I have buyed a domain name on OVH (like godaddy). I want that this domain “” redirect to one of my Cyberpanel website.

I will have multiple Cyberpanel websites, that others external domains will aim for. So I can’t use my cyberpanel IP only to do that right ?

Do I need to change the DNS server of my OVH domain to take the master DNS of Cyberpanel ? Or should I aim for making Cyberpanel DNS a slave one and keep the DNS of OVH ? Do you have tutorials for that ?

Thank you very much for your help !

I think I can only point at an IP address, so I need to configure my Cyberpanel DNS for that right ? Do you have a good tutorial for that ?

@Tryall did you succeed to setup and manage your DNS server with a domain name from OVH?
I recently bought a domain with OVH as well and have the same issues. Not clear on how to setup the domain name with cyberpanel so the DNS server is manage by my cyberpanel server and not OVH.