Native IPv6 support ?

Read that IPv6 could be manually attached via webadmin.

Any plan to bring it native to cyberpanel?

I would also like to know.

Just found out that IPv6 is not working out of the box with the CyberPanel. OpenLiteSpeed need to have separate listeners for the IPv4 ports and IPv6 ports. It’s quite easy to do, but problem is that “Create website” will not add new address to the all listeners. So it basically you always need to add it manually. Would be great to have this covered by default!

Can you provide an example of what exactly happens and what needs to be changed?

If you can provide that example of before an after and how we can test that will allow us to investigate, fix, and automate. I have multiple cyberpanel servers with IPv6 i could test that on. I don’t have native IPv6 locally but i know they respond to requests when i have tested them from other servers via CLI etc.

Sure! OLS is configured with 2 Listeners: Default and SSL. Both listen on “ANY” which means it only take IPv4. From my experience to make IPv6 working it is necessary to make separate listeners for IPv4 and IPv6 and choose specific address (not ANY/[ANY]). So it looks like this:

It’s working. Strange, because before it was giving refused connection unless set exact for each. Thanks. :smile:

Therefore shouldn’t it be ANY IPv6 as default if there is fallback to IPv4?