My Email is going to SPAM + DNS ISSUES

I’ve recently installed Cyberpanel on a VPS. I’ve installed successfully, but I’ve been facing a few issues.

Number 1
The Cyberpanel DNS isn’t working. I’ve fixed this by using Cloudflare and syncing everything with it.

Number 2
My email is going to spam. I don’t know what’s the issue since it’s the same records that are in the panel.

Can anyone help me?

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Which email is going to spam? from your domain to another server e.g. Gmail is going to SPAM ?

Yes. I am trying to send to my Gmail and my work’s email.

In Gmail it goes directly to spam and on my work email, it doesn’t even show and returns and email saying it could not be delivered.

The domain i am referring to is

You have no reverse DNS (PTR) entries consult your provider or on your dashboard setup reverse DNS.

Note reverse DNS must be same as your mail server

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