My CyberPanel is Down. But not my VPS

Suddenly my CP is not working. I have not done any work on my VPS to account for why CP is down. I logged in as recently as yesterday. My VPS/websites are all online, but not my CP dashboard login. Does anyone know if there is an external issue at play here?

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Redirect to phpmyadmin page?


Error accessing:


and post here your version

it could mean anything

It doesn’t mean “anything” – I was replying to @avprinciple – the link he posted gives ACCESS DENIED.

Is this forum software from 1999?

very well
i think i got access denied to here… see you … :wave:

btw this forum allowed everyone create his own problem and allow people to describe the problem :slight_smile:

are you still at 1980 ? you should upgrade your knowledge about how to QA (u understand right ? QA ?)

i will trying helping the other people that have cyberpanel version :slight_smile:

Uh… whut? :rofl:

:fu: :grinning:

Mine just gives a “This site can’t be reached” error message. Has CP admin said anything about this that I am unaware of?

set IN A at your clodflare