Multiple Cyberpanels - One external DB

I wanted to know how Multiple Cyberpanels behave, when connected to same external Maria/MySql db.
I was not able to find any topic or documentation on it.

As I haven’t used a external DB setup yet for Cyberpanel, and on local db mode, cyberpanel doesn’t use a db prefix, so do they overwrite each other or each goes with it’s own prefix or something else?

Some context of what we are trying to achieve.
One of the sole reason we keep dumping money in AWS is because of RDS availability and we want to build something similar using Galera MySql cluster.

At the moment we have 12 VPS (most in europe with latency of <30ms among them) and growing.
We have built redundancy for our websites and DB is the single point for failure for most (hence RDS).

Idea is to use each VPS to host a Galera Maria/Mysql node and then use that as external DB for Cyberpanel.
That way even if one of the VPS goes down, depending on the replication factor, (and if website files have dns redundancy) service will be up and complete functional.

For simplicity let’s assume something like.

CyberPanel (VPS 1) > RDS 1
CyberPanel (VPS 2) > RDS 1
CyberPanel (VPS 3) > RDS 1

Does each of them conflict with each other, or they just use a db with their own prefix and co-exist.

After looking at the code here.

It seems today cyberpanel’s database name is hardcoded.

Can we please have cyberpanel generate a prefix for it’s database or ask us to choose one to avoid multiple installations overwrite each other’s data?