Moving from cPanel to CyberPanel ( Wait - CP is not ready )

I found cyber panel very good solution only for -

1 ) Good for Small / Uncritical website hosting
2 ) Good if you are not looking to perform commercial business on it

Here why I am pointing/explanation -

1 ) CyberPanel still has many bugs and due to a very small team and a lot of dependency on a single person, its will always litle bit delay in a fix. It is not like another panel provider where proper testing is done before release or having a huge team for each role.

2 ) Since it’s free, you can not ask or force anything on anyone. Responsibility if missing.

3 ) Support service is not quick and you have to depend on the community/forum or CyberPanel response. The only user who using it or directly CyberPanel team will help you, So you can not expect support quickly. Sometimes, tickets or issue go without a response/rejected.

4 ) CyberPanel is ok for a small project where you cannot be directly responsible for anyone.

5 ) Platform dependancy - If you once onboard, maybe not easy to back to direct admin or cPanel or another panel since export-import plugin not available.

6 ) Not able to found the company ( 3rd party ) who externally provide support if required.

There are issues that may be due to human resources and funding, Project Manager doing a great job, whatever he can do best.

If you have patience and time, can use it with good hope.
My first-day excitement and current definitely little bit lower but still I am hoping good in coming days.

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Looking for others and teams a ( positive ) response, since I am here to make this product success. Sometimes pointing issue also helps both - user and provider.


That’s a pretty detailed review, seems like you used it for a long time and faced issues here and there. I’ve been also using it for some time and even managing high traffic websites on the FREE version, so I guess proper optimization is something lacking at your end. So I would say I can help you with your point 6 if you are still using the panel :slight_smile:

@itseasy21 What optimisations are needed for high traffic site?


CP having all required feature but currently may require sometime to fix as its new.
I already reported issues and its more or less bug in the system. CP team also accepted and it’s in priority and hoping best as quickly as possible. My only concern is time to fix as an when required.

I am glad that you are able to manage it and running without any issue. My review is based on my month old usage and difficulties with each feature commonly used by me or direct users.

There is an issue like backup, email security and ease to use, etc.

Thanks for sharing your offer and will connect you soon.