Moving all sites to new cyberpanel using rsync


is there any way to move all sites from one cyberpanel installation to another cyberpanel installation?

inlcuding databases, ssl certs, emails etc…

please provide me an efficient way like rsync so i don’t need to spend much time.

ex: in a regular ubuntu vps, i would just rsync /var/www/html, /etc/apache2/sites-available,dump all mysql DBS, LE SSL files to same locations and i am done with it.


your best bet would be to create full backups and then rsync those over as you’d have to recreate all the same SSH users and DB users paired with DB’s and the cyberpanel DB copied over.

I have a script for moving full backups to another server for that.

If your set on only using Rsync you’re going to want to recreate the accounts with same SSH name on the new server and clone the cyberpanel mysql db over to the new server first.

Then you’d have to do something like this from the old server to sync the /home/ from old to new. The mail is in the /home/vmail as is the cyberpanel

rsync -azP /home/ $Username@$Host:/home/

I highly recommend the full backup approach so you can let cyberpanel import and handle all the recreation of stuff on the new server and just use Rsync to move the full backups over. Doing it all manually is going to be error-prone.

See the documentation here.