Move database to external server


In a current production environment, we need to move all database to another server in order to get best performance, does anyone know where cyberpanel stores all database config in order to make the changes? neet to move anything and remove maridb installation from cyberpanel server.

Thanks in advance, kind regards.

What I have done and actual status:

  • Did a backup of all databases and moved it to the new database dedicated server.
  • Created root and cyberpanel users and granted access.
  • Uninstalled mariadb in cyberpanel (stopping service and then removing it).
  • Updated /usr/local/CyberCP/CyberCP/ changing localhost for new remote ip of database server.

Now I can login at cyberpanel and everithing seems ok but… if I try to create a new database it fails. Also cant use phpmyadmin.

I am not sure where to change the setting that points everothing related with database to the new server.

Kind regards

you have to make the my.cnf configurations according to your external db personly I recommended to get a big server instead of taking two

I am also with you about a bigger server is better but is a requirement from our manager. Thanks, will check the config file in order to see how to make it work.