Modifying /etc/hosts file seems to have no effect

I have a site I’ve migrated over to OLS/CP.

It came from “old server” with IP XXX. IP XXX is what the nameservers currently resolve the site’s domain name to (so it doesn’t get a lot of downtime whilst I set it up on the OLS/CP server).

It is being migrated to “new server” which is the one I have OLS/CP installed on.

I need to wget some files from the old site, using wget command.

However, the new server is resolving the local (new) IP address for the site’s domain. It is not getting the IP from the domain’s NS records, but from something locally. I am guessing that’s because the domain is attached to a website on the OLS/CP control panel.

I figured I’d be able to add the live old server IP (XXX) and domain name into the /etc/hosts file. But this seems to have no effect. The server continues to resolve the domain to the IP of the new server.

What’s the way around this?

Thanks very much.