Minimal Installation Bugs

new cyberpanel minimal installation have bugs
its stop after installed opendkim

Hetzner Cloud - Provider
CentOS 7 - OS

Here screenshot



Thanks for your feedback , we managed to reproduce it and working on fix now.

Fixed and pushed, will take some time to sync. (30 minutes)

thanks :smile:

its still not yet fixed :smiley:


I just did an installation over a Digital Ocean ubuntu 18.04 , with minimal installation it works.

I’d like to ask your provide and all the options you chose during the installation in order to reproduce and fix it.

i’m running on Hetzner CentOS 7 … i choosed minimal installation … pls can u test on Hetzner ? older versions are working fine

I just tested on HZ centos 7 and works

sh <(curl

minimal install , all others to default by press enter key.