Master/Slave PowerDNS Replication on CyberPanel

Based on this 2 - Master/Slave PowerDNS Replication on CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community
If I setup the Master/Slave server , it only replicate the dns records from master to slave ?

or it will replicate everything from master to slave? (like copy the entire website we called " from master server to slave server?

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The guideā€™s title says it all " Master/Slave PowerDNS Replication on CyberPanel" meaning it only replicates DNS zones only.

Once all of the steps above are completed, open your Master CyberPanel and create website, now go to your CyberPanel Slave and make sure zone is replicated there

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Hello @josephgodwinke
Would you please tell me why we need to replicate the dns zones?

DNS Replication server is designed to be an additional DNS Server for providers who need to have stability if some DNS servers get overloaded or unavailable. It is a reliability option.This kind of feature is offered by many hosting panels. Am glad its a free option here,

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Very nice ,
In this scenario I presume there is no need excellent hardware for second cyberpanel server , I mean it work with minimum hardware requirement
Am I right?

What do you mean excellent hardware? The minimu requirements for CyberPanel are stipulated here 01 - Installing CyberPanel

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