Manually delete incremental backups

Hi, I’m trying to save some space from one of my servers and despite Cyberpanel tells me via the web-interface that there are no incremental backups, the incbackup folder under one of my sites shows 3.6G of space used :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What can I safely delete inside the incbackup folder to erase the incremental backups and reclaim disk space?
FYI, this server is on CyberPanel 2.3.1

Thanks a lot

[root@missioncontrol incbackup]# ll
total 52
-r--------.   1 topse8700 topse8700   155 Mar 24  2022 config
drwx------. 258 topse8700 topse8700  8192 Mar 24  2022 data
drwx------.   2 topse8700 topse8700 12288 May  3  2022 index
drwx------.   2 topse8700 topse8700    78 Mar 24  2022 keys
drwx------.   2 topse8700 topse8700     6 May  3  2022 locks
drwx------.   2 topse8700 topse8700 16384 May  3  2022 snapshots
[root@missioncontrol incbackup]# du -sh ./
3.6G	./

first thing upgrade your cyberpanel and then please remove the directory no worries

Thanks, but I checked the incbackup folder for a brand new website and it is not empty… there are still a lot of tiny files and folders. I have the feeling that removing the whole content of incbackup may compromise the possibility of running incremental backups later on.

…any more thoughts? Cheers

if you del all data from this that will be ok no worries

Thanks, I will give it a try.