Making sub domain gives wrong permission

When i create a new subdomain from CyberPanel it will make the subdomain folder, but with the wrong permission. In order for CyberPanel to show the subdomain, it has to have permissions like the one below.

I made net2ftp2 in order to show what permissions it makes.


It sets the user’s permission, and not the group as “nobody”
That makes the website not accessible.
You will get “Error redirected to many times”.
While if you change it back to “nobody” it will work perfectly again.


Current Version: 2.1
Build: 2

@usmannasir This I experienced too. Due to this bug, issuing SSL fails and also changing php version doesnt work.

Let me check on my end.

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OK. I figured out the problem. This bug came after I fixed an issue in security and an issue came during that.

The group should be nobody (centos) or nogroup (ubuntu)

For now you can resolve this by clicking ‘Fix permissions’ in CyberPanel File manager. I will find a way to resolve this in secure manner.

But keep the permissions as it is, just use File manager fix permissions.


Resolved by adding group to the executing command.


weird… this is not happen to me

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