MailWatch and MailScanner

Simply one of the best all-in-one anti-virus and anti-spam solutions available today. It integrates SpamAssassin and ClamAV and MailWatch gives you a powerful front-end control. Adding MailWatch and MailScanner would give CyberPanel a huge boost over other offerings.

Details here: Email Server With Postfix Dovecot and MailScanner (Part 3 - MailScanner and MailWatch) | Backyard·后花园

Have you tried this with CP or not?

Admittedly, it is so thank you for raising the flag of warning for the benefit of the newbies who may mistakenly go in here thinking this is a plug-and-play solution without taking the time to review the recency of the guide. It is a solid starting point, though, so finding the latest dependencies and download paths is a relatively pain-free and even fun exercise of some good ol’ Google-Fu.

Is it a easy way to change the password for the mailscanner? i have installed cyberpanel on Ubuntu 18.4 and activated mailscanner.