LSWS Proxy


my issue is that I cannot proxy to an application with the rewrite rules.
for example I dont get any feedback from the portainer console/attach feature e.g.

at least that’s what it called by nginx (the upgrade part is the important thing, without that line I get the same result as of now with lsws rewrite)
location / {
set $upstream “”;
proxy_pass http://$upstream;
proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;

Does anyone know a solution?
for clarification I have access the the application over lsws rewrite just the backwards traffic comes not through


What you need (it seems) is a reverse proxy:

Hey thx for your answer.
Yeah thats what I used to configure it.

As a already described the connection is working but just the traffic backwards to my browser not, soo the content of the console or the attach function…

Idk what to do besides this guide :expressionless: