lsphp73-common listed under PHP 7.4


I’ve encountered a problem with lsphp extension. And I’m not sure whether it is a bug since it does not appear in the official demo. When I enter PHP-Install Extensions and select PHP 7.4, there’s an extension lsphp73-common rather than lsphp74-common. There’s also lsphp73-common under PHP 7.3, but with a different ID.

I found this issue whle I’m dubugging another one that lsphp stops frequently, which happened after a kernel upgrade and reboot. It does not seem to influence the websites, but the monitor keeps alerting me about it. There are lots of PHP warnings for lsphp73 in system logs like ‘Unable to load dynamic library … cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory’, but no warnings or errors for lsphp72 or lsphp74. It is strange since all my sites runs with PHP 7.4. I’m not sure whether they are relavant, so I just provide the information here.

My environment:
KVM VPS running Ubuntu 20.04.1 with kernel 5.4.0-58-generic. The operating system was reinstalled before installing Cyberpanel. lsphp73-common and lsphp74-common are both installed. Memory and disk space are adequate. The version of Cyberpanel is 2.0 build 3 with OLS.

Does anyone have information about this problem? Thanks.