LSPHP using High CPU


I’m new in Linux and I have installed Cyberpanel on a $6 Vultr High-Frequency Instance.

1GB Ram, 1 CPU [ Intel Core Processor (Skylake, IBRS)]

I have 2 WordPress websites. Each website gets 10-20 Visitors/ Day.

My problem is when I was checking CPU usage its is 1%-2% but when i try to open any of my websites the CPU is getting 100% for 5-6 second then coming to 40-30% then 1%-2% like idle condition.

I have searched the problem on the internet and found “htop” command to try my high process. I found LSPHP is creating a 5-6 process with my WordPress website index.php file but that time I just only open 1 tab and no one is opening the site at that time.

Is this High CPU normal ??? I have attached the screenshot of “htop”.


Thank You.

same thing is happening on my blog

Same here. Just one visit website page takes so high CPU usage. Any suggestions…