Looking for a (nice) webhosting panel!!

So basically, i host around 10 websites at home. For now they run on my Synology but i am looking for something Similar as cPanel and DirectAdmin but for free. It’s just a hobby and i don’t make any income of my websites so it’s not reachable to buy something for at least 20 dollars each month.

Does anyone have a good alternative that also doesn’t look like it’s build from the time of Windows XP.

I need something with user management so i could host something for friends. An internal FTP server would be nice.

Things i’ve already found and tried:

  • centos web panel (ugly but works)

  • VestaCP (Look better but lacks features)

https://cyberpanel.net :slight_smile:

Each have some pro’s and con’s but i personally suggest Centos web panel

Since you are posting this on the CyberPanel forum is it safe to assume you have also tried or are trying CyberPanel?

I’ve tried Centos web panel, Not a big fan, half the stuff you need a pro license, even for something simple as a php switcher, Cyberpanel gives me all that and a reseller feature for free,

cool…Since you are posting this on the CyberPanel gathering is it protected to accept you have likewise attempted or are attempting CyberPanelI need something with client the executives so I could have something for companions. An inside FTP worker would be pleasant.