Login to all emails with master account

cPanel has this feature that allows you to open all email accounts when you are logged in with your master control panel login. It does this without requering password for each account. Is it possible to do that with Cyberpanel? If so, how?

No login all emails with one password is not available in CyberPanel as here on CyberPanel you have rainloop that need every user password for login

Can’t Rainloop be configured to do that? If not, which application can I install to that?

do you know Python? if yes then you can do some script

I know a bit of Python, not enough to complete such a script on my own

Sounds pretty unethical and like a feature that is just begging to be used for privacy violations to me.

Why do you need to do that?

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Just as a master user can see all databases from a single login. This is mostly for administration