Login Issue

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. I need your help I’m very tired to login but I’m not able to login because I lost my mobile phone now I don’t have my Cyberanel authentication code.
so please help me how can I login my cyberpanel.
please help me plz

What is your cyberpanel version ? server os ?

Mr. @josephgodwinke thank you for replying to me dear I’m not able to log in cyberPanel How can I do Check cyberpanel version?

Do you have ssh access to the server if yes we can disable the 2fa from the database from Terminal.

Go to and you copy paste or screenshot this page https://SERVER_URL:8090/base/versionManagment

[quote=“josephgodwinke, post:5, topic:42948”]
[/quote] @shoaibkk yeah i have SSH terminal access can you please help me?

Disable it using ssh terminal [TUTORIAL] Disable 2FA In CyberPanel

Successfully Done Thank you so much @josephgodwinke

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