Local backup issue

I have cyberpanel version 2.1.2 installed on an Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS server, and during the backup process using the /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/backupScheduleLocal.py script, I get notifications :
“Backup process killed. Error: 1325”
As a result, the copy to which the error relates is not created,
I attach the full log from the /usr/local/lscp/logs/local_backup_log log file
[MM.DD.YYYY_HH-MM-SS] Starting local backup for: mywebsite.tk
[MM.DD.YYYY_HH-MM-SS] Waiting for backup to complete…
[MM.DD.YYYY_HH-MM-SS] Backup process killed. Error: 1325
[MM.DD.YYYY_HH-MM-SS] [ERROR] Backup failed for mywebsite.tk, error: Backup process killed. moving on…

The error occurs for different copies, for several random applications and recurs every few days.
The problem has been occurring for a long time also before the Cyberpanel update from version 2.0.3

What is the error caused by, or has the error been resolved in the newer version of cyberpanel i.e. 2.3.2.
Has anyone encountered this?

Update your cyberpanel first then give try. 2.1.2 also have some security issues so it’s recommend update ASAP.

Thanks @Dreamer for replying, when the update helps I’ll let you know

I have the same issue with Centos 7 latest Cyberpanel version 2.3.2.