LiteSpeed is at stopped even after 5 attempts to install on different OS. 9/10/22

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well.
Well, I’m a new cyberpanel customer.

On the recommendation of friends and other suggestions I decided to install CyberPanel on my server.

However, this is already the 5th attempt and I have no success. For this reason I decided to create an account here on the forum and get help from this huge community.

Even though I don’t have perfect English, I’ll be very specific to get a possible solution.

When proceeding with the installation of CyberPanel everything is normal.
At the end of the installation, the success message appears in the terminal.
However, when visiting the IP address log in. Something unexpected happens…
After checking the server status, LiteSpeed ​​is at stopped, and it is not possible to turn it on.

5 Different Linux ISO Attempts…
2 using Centos 7.9.2009
1 Cents 8
1 Ubuntu 18.04
1 Ubuntu 20.04

Even on different machines with different OS, the same error persisted.

Note: I have full access to the panel using port 8090

  • tail: cannot open ‘/usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log’ for reading: No such file or directory